If television were the prime cause of illiteracy, then the remedy would be simple: Turn it off.

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American Monarchy

I was wrong: The Kingmakers were better than the Queenmakers
Blog posted hours before the election was over


Regardless of their political choices (red, blue, alternative parties), Americans just voted in the spirit of an obsession with dynasty and …

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A new way of thinking and acting

Paris, September 15, 2015
Terrorist attack in Paris—the second in 10 months. Refugees storm Europe’s borders. Ebola. Market crashes. Inter-racial strife. To such crises, the best that the advanced nations do is to react. Action – reaction beautifully describes physical …

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The next wave of refugees

The next wave of refugees will be 3 to 4 million, not 350,000. After that, 10 million (and growing). Desperation is a powerful driving force; survival leads to extreme behavior. President Obama issued an Executive Order focused on Behavioral Science …

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Immigration and refugees: more of the same is not the answer

The equation of immigration is simple. A child born in the Western world costs over one million dollars in order to become a productive participant in the economy. The cost of raising a child to become a highly qualified professional …

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Olympic kitsch—nothing more

The price of the extravaganza was outdone only by its bad taste, which was worse that what propaganda experts churn out for their totalitarian rulers.…

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It’s the user, stupid . . . or maybe not

Digital technology is pervasive and makes so many things possible: from the ubiquitous e-mail to movies downloaded to one’s computer. Computers are part of our cars, they are our cell phones. They are becoming an essential part of the world …

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Rewarding stupidity

If you can learn by heart the lyrics of all the imbecile popular songs you’ve heard, you can become a millionaire. Plus, bask in the moments of celebrity guaranteed to even those who might end up with only $25,000 (after …

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So it happened again: Somewhere in San Francisco, I met Ron; and with him came yet another start-up. This is not the place to advertise it; but if you’re curious, check out www.tokbox.com, and be prepared to see how …

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From Dish Hill

From Dish Hill, Stanford University looks like a postcard. Nobody cares about the warning that mountain lions might be around. Some visitors to the hill run; others walk. Young and old intermingle. The sun hugs them all, male and female, …

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If Einstein would apply for a research grant

Science was never a matter of committee. And even less a matter of agreement. Scientists worth their salt challenge the accepted, negate the comfortable, the acceptable answers. Science is creation: it brings about something that never existed before.
When institutions …

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The rapidly shrinking attention span

Never give students more than a page to read. And never give them more than half-page writing assignments. If you talk to your children—some parents still do—don’t use more than the few words they can understand. Something like: “Went candy …

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The senator told me

Project Seneludens (seneludens.utdallas.edu) is the attempt to address, through behavioral therapy, the consequences of aging. I requested an appointment, and after almost a year, I presented it to the Senator. My message: Let’s do something before it is …

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Immigration–A subject that will not go away

Immigration—A subject that will not go away
Amnesty? Deportation? You name it. Everyone has an answer to the problem of illegal immigration. A secret alliance of senators came up with what is supposed to solve the problem for good. The …

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