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Rewarding stupidity

If you can learn by heart the lyrics of all the imbecile ...

If you can learn by heart the lyrics of all the imbecile popular songs you’ve heard, you can become a millionaire. Plus, bask in the moments of celebrity guaranteed to even those who might end up with only $25,000 (after hurting our ears with less than melodic renditions of primitive lyrics).
Since one million is worth less today than it was some years ago, maybe we should not worry too much about where the money comes from. We are the consumers of the products made (or only marketed) by the sponsors of such TV entertainment. Therefore, when precious brain synapses are wasted in dumbing-down experiences we all finance, we need to ask ourselves if this is what we really want to support. It is not the money that counts, but the irreversible loss of a sense of the significant, the meaningful, and—dare I say it?—the uplifiting.
Entertainment is not a crime. We all want to relax. But when entertainment is yet another episode of the obsession with instant gratification, we might want to ask ourselves: Has the relevant become superfluous? I’m afraid that the new millionaires of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (and other shows of its kind) do not know what the word “relevant” means. Should we drop it from our vocabulary?

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