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Anticipation Informed Design: A Workshop for the Invisible Studio at the Design Academy Eindhoven

Design is a form of inventing the future. In some cases, under the pressure of the market, design became problem-solving.
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Cumpăna Ştiinţei, the translation into the Romanian of Disrupt Science.

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Are You Stupid? A Second Revolution Might Save America From Herself

Synchron Publishers, July, 2013.

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Anticipation and Medicine

Presents the most recent research in Anticipation Science.

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Anticipation and the Brain

© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2017
M. Nadin (ed.), Anticipation and Medicine, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45142-8_9

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Anticipation and Epigenetics

Anticipation and Epigenetics international conference to take place in the framework of the Anticipation Across Disciplines Study Group, May 2012, at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies (Delmenhorst, Germany).…

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Protected: Free E-Book Download: Are You Stupid? A Second Revolution Might Save America from Herself

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Adventure in Shakespeare’s Universe

Lawrence Olivier (in Romanian).
Bucharest: Meridiane, 1968. 65 pp.

Sir Lawrence Olivier’s cinematographic performances of Shakespearean roles are depicted through images and commentary.…

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A Day for Jewels (in Romanian, a novel)

Bucharest: Eminescu, 1971. 196 pp.

An actress is put to the test through a role that propagates a lie. She can be true to her profession and talent and act the role convincingly, or she can be true to herself …

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Mattis-Teutsch (in Romanian)

Bucharest: O.P.O.E., 1971. 40 pp.

The works of this German-Romanian painter transmit his perspective on human beings and their relation to work and art.…

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Determinations of Modern Art: Elements of Meta-Aesthetics (in Romanian, dissertation)

University of Bucharest, 1972.…

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To Live Art: Elements of Meta-Aesthetics (in Romanian)

Bucharest: Eminescu, l972. 319 pp.

Based on research in aesthetics, art history and theory, and logic, the book discusses the self-referential quality of artworks. In order to understand if the verbal language humans use to describe art is appropriate to …

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Return to Zero (in Romanian)

Iasi: Junimea, 1972. 285 pp.

How to view art independent of all that has been written and said about it since the beginning of art history and theory.…

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Hans Eder (Romanian edition)

Bucharest: Meridiane, 1973. 51 pp.

The works of this German artist living in Transylvania are presented along with a history of his life and development.…

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Hans Eder (German edition, revised)

Bucharest: Meridiane, 1973. 53 pp.

The works of this German expressionist artist living in Transylvania are presented along with a history of his life and development.

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Nessus’ Shirt (in Romanian)

Bucharest: Cartea Romaneasca, 1973. 254 pp.

An analysis of theater aesthetics, as a synchretic form of art, based on the metaphor of the mythical personage Nessus.…

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Mattis-Teutsch: Ideology of Art

(in Romanian, edited with preface).
Bucharest:Kriterion, 1974. 90 pp.

Mattis Teutsch developed a very precise visual language and tried to define the characteristics of what he called the “aesthetics of the vertical.” It is a very innovative approach to …

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Literature and Knowledge (in Romanian, an anthology)

Bucharest: Eminescu, 1975. 311 pp.

Portions of literary works written with a didactic intention, but which are artistic first of all.…

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Painters from Brasov (in Romanian)

Bucharest: Meridiane, 1975. 64 pp.

Images and analysis of artists from Brasov working over a period of 25 years. Some examples, such as Mattis Teutsch, Hans Eder, Henri Nouveau transcend local and even the national interest.

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Artists from Satu Mare (in Romanian)

Satu Mare: CJCES, l 976. 92 pp.

Depicts the works of several artists from the Satu Mare area of Romania working from 1948-1975.…

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Mattis-Teutsch: Kunstideologie

Bucharest: Kriterion, 1977. 90 pp.

The works of this German-Romanian painter, who was active in the modern movement (Der Blaue Reiter, Bauhaus, etc.) and had shows with Kandinsky, Klee, Gropius, and others of this stature, transmit his perspective on human …

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Problems of Artistic Development in Marxist Aesthetics

A Critical Perspective (in German). Braunschweig: Carolo-Wilhelmina University, 1978. 176 pp.

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Mut für den Alltag (Courage for Everyday)

Czechoslovakian Film in the Prague Spring. Bern: SOI Verlag, 1978. 117 pp.

The development and flowering of Czechoslovak cinematic expression from 1963-1968, recounted through interviews with its leading personalities.

This book can be ordered online or through

Google …

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Aesthetics and Semiotics (Editor)

Kodikas/Code 2:3. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 1980. 117 pp.

Interpreted as signs, artistic expression of all kinds reveal, through semiotic analysis, aspects that escaped morphological, structuralist, phenomenological, and other speculative forms of aesthetics. The approach advanced is based mainly on …

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Signs of the Energy Crisis (Editor)

Kodikas/Code 3:3. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 1981. 301 pp.

How did the energy crisis launched by the establishment of the oil cartel change people’s relation to consumption of energy-dependent objects and processes? An analysis of the visual communication strategies used …

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Zeichen und Wert (Sign and Value)

Tü bingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 1981. 304 pp.


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The Meaning of the Visual: On Defining the Field (Editor).

Semiotica 52:3/4 Amsterdam: Mouton, 1985. 240 pp. + 100 plates.

The first book to apply semiotics to visual means of expression, communication, and signification. It sets forth principles for applying Peirce’s semiotics to structuring visual statements and generating visual languages.…

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Visual A(E)ducation

(with Richard Zakia). Rochester NY: ZimZum Press, 1989. xxvi + l16 pp.

Semiotics is introduced as a conceptual tool in advertising photography, including digital photography.…

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Die Kunst der Kunst. Metaaesthetik

(The Art of Art. Meta-aesthetics). Stuttgart: Belser Verlag, 1990. xxxvii + 274 pp.

Based on research in aesthetics, art history and theory, semiotics, and logic, the book discusses the self-referential quality of artworks. In order to understand if the verbal …

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MIND-Anticipation and Chaos

From the series Milestones in Thought and Discovery (English-German parallel text). Stuttgart/Zurich: Belser Presse, 1991. 176 pp.

Mihai Nadin’s mind theory is the first to reflect two aspects: minds define themselves only in relation to other minds; it is the …

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Signs for Success. Creating Effective Advertising

(with Richard Zakia).

New York: Consultant Press, 1994. 160 pp. + 55 plates…

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Alias/Wavefront. A Training Manual for Advanced Modeling, Rendering and Animation

(with S. Lehmann, T. Overberg). Wuppertal: BUGH, 1996. 450 pp. + illustrations, 3rd edition, 1998. 510 pp + illustrations.

This is the only training manual that is based on actual lab work with students and other professionals who learned how …

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The Civilization of Illiteracy

Dresden: Dresden University Press, 1997. 881 pp.

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Creating Effective Advertising

(with Richard Zakia). New York: Consultant Press, 1994. 160 pp. + 55 plates.

Semiotics is applied to developing visual statements in advertising photography, including digital photography. Such concepts as symbol, icon, index, semiotic operations (insertion, substitution, negation), the semiotic matrix,

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Jenseits der Schriftkultur

Dresden: Dresden University Press, 1999.

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Jewish—Does It Make a Difference

(with Elvira Nadin). New York: Jonathan David Publishers, 2000. 275 pp.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Trust: Das Prinzip Vertrauen (Trust The 21 Century and Beyond)


Proceedings of the international colloquium on the subject of Trust Website.
Heidelberg: Synchron Publishers, 2001, 378 pp.
Assistant Editors: Lutz Becker and Thomas Eicher

This book can be ordered online.…

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Suspension of Gravity

(Pana de Gravitatiei, fiction)

An ambitious journalist who takes it upon himself to uncover the cynical abuse of political power finds himself making compromise after compromise once he is drawn into the circle of political privilege. Having witnessed a killing …

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Creating Effective Advertising Using Semiotics

Korean edition 2003 (Trans. Song, Kie-in and Baek, Moonhynn).
Communication Books:Seoul, 2004. ISBN 89-8499-205-4…

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A Mind at Work


We Are Our Questions (M. Vilanova and F. Chorda, Eds.). Heidelberg: Synchron, 2003. 259 pp.


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Anticipation-The End Is Where We Start From

(English-German-French text) Baden, Switzerland: Lars Mü ller Publishers, 2003, 150 pp.

We are all familiar with the word “anticipation.” And we find many manifestations of anticipation in daily life. Plans, along with creativity in art and design and in the …

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Waterfront Books, December, 2004, 353 pp.


At the pinnacle of his career, George Dimitrov, who long ago escaped to the USA, abruptly quits his well-endowed position in computer science at a research university. Neither he nor Anita, his American-born wife, …

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The Privilege of Memories

(in Romanian and English). Dallas TX: TzimTzum Press, 2011

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Anticipation: Learning from the Past. The Russian/Soviet Contributions to the Science of Anticipation

(M. Nadin, Editor) Springer Cognitive Systems Monographs 25, August 2015
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From Russia with Love

(M. Nadin and A. Kurismaa, Editors). International Journal of General Systems, 44:6, August 2015

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Civilizatia Analfabetismului (translation into the Romanian of The Civilization of Illiteracy)

Bucharest: Spandugino, 2016

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