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The Semiotics of Interactive Media Aesthetics of Interactive Arts Special Topics in the Arts & Technology Anticipation, Games, and Brain Plasticity Story Lab Anticipation and Games Computational Design Event Design Technology and the visual The Design of Digital Media Advanced Topics in Digital Media Foundations of Digital Media […]

  • The Semiotics of Interactive Media
  • Special Topics in the Arts & Technology
  • Story Lab
  • The Design of Digital Media
  • Advanced Topics in Digital Media
  • Anticipation and the Creative Process
  • The Age of Computation:
    Pragmatic Foundations and Implications
  • Memetics
  • Computational Design
  • Designing for the World-Wide Web
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • 3D images
  • Virtual reality
  • Models of the mind
  • Visualization
  • Definitions of design
    (for OSU Industrial Design Department)
  • Art, design, and technology
    (a graduate seminar)
  • Visible language/semiotics of the visual
  • The Name of the Rose:
    semiotics of the post-modern novel
    • Videotex/teletext: graphic design issues
    • Graphic design principles for computer-supported
      visual communication
    • Wittgenstein on culture and value
    • Semioties of computer-aided human activity
    • Artifivial intelligence: issues in art and design
    • Applying semiotics to the arts
    • Language and art
    • Epistemological foundations of semiotics
    • Epistemology
    • Language and power
    • Foundations of semiotics
    • Wittgenstein’s remarks on color
    • Graduate seminar in design
      (electronic publications, CAD, semiotics)
    • Philosophy of cybernetics
    • Art after art
    • Semiotics of visual communication
    • Visual semiotics -visible language
    • The relevance of the semiotic perspective
    • Art and utopia
    • What is philosophy? (Heidegger, et al)
    • The semiotic field
    • Field theory applied to the humanities
    • Social and political semiotics
    • Narrativity
    • Fuzzy sets applied to semiotics
    • Fuzzy sets applied to aesthetic analysis
    • Aesthetics of the performing arts
    • Verbal and non-verbal systems of communication
    • Information aesthetics
    • Logical and informational analysis of art
      (theater, film, painting, music)
    • System theory in the humanities
    • Computer programming for application to language,
      literature, art (PASCAL)
    • Semiotics vs. semiology (de Saussure, Peirce,
      Husserl, Brentano, Boole, Morris, etc.)
    • Logical foundation of semiotics
      (Peirce, Husserl)
    • Scientific foundation of semiotics
    • Scientific foundation of aesthetics
    • Science theory; scientific progress; comparison
      of scientific theories
    • Value and evaluation
    • Moral and aesthetic values
    • Language and thought
    • Marxism vs. phenomenology
    • Neo-Marxist philosophy
    • Methodology of philosophy
    • History of philosophy
    • Electronic circuits
    • Signal processing
    • Microelectronics
    • Automation and command of industrial processes

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