Regulation feeds corruption.


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How Modern Medicine Abandoned Healing

On American Thought Leaders Hosted by the Epoch Times.
The failures of our COVID response and the “gender-affirming” care model have made a lot of people question science and medicine in the West.
Mihai Nadin argues that science and medicine …

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The Future of the World Belongs to the Illiterates

Q Magazine | Publicat la 11:30 | 12.02.2016


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Curtea de la Arge?, Anul VII, Nr. 11 (72), Noiembrie 2016

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Astăzi se vesteşte

Curtea de la Argeş, Anul VII, Nr. 12 (73), Decembrie 2016

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Indian Summer

Curtea de la Arge?, Anul VII, Nr. 10 (71), Octombrie 2016

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Tenis – cine câ?tig? ultimul meci?…

Curtea de la Arge? Anul VII, Nr. 9 (70), Septembrie 2016

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Al-Jazeera Interview on the War on Poverty

In this national interview Dr. Nadin is asked about the war on poverty 50 years after Lyndon B. Johnson’s landmark speech that was given two months after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.…

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Enslaved by Digital Technology

Interview with Roberto Simanowski in Dichtung Digital: A Journal of art and culture in digital media, No. 43 – 2013-11-16.


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September 28-29, 2006, Games for Health Conference

September 28-29, 2006: Within the Framework of the Games for Health conference, held in Baltimore MD, Mihai Nadin presented the Seneludens Project – Maintaining Anticipatory Functions in the Aging through Games and Interactive Environments. The lecture was covered by Agence …

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Video-Game Makers Discover a New, Older, Market

December 7, 2006: At the University of Texas at Dallas, Mihai Nadin is testing a game that simulates walking through a city. Gamers walk on a sensor, following directions on a screen and avoiding obstacles.
The game improves the ability …

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Video games aim to spice up old people’s lives.

Video games aim to spice up old people’s lives
by Virginie MontetSat Sep 30, 10:59 AM ET
A 93-year-old resident at an old-age home plays tennis against the wall of his bedroom, using a touch-sensitive glove and wearing a virtual …

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The Glenn Mitchell Show: KERA

Topic: Anticipatory Systems & Energy Weapons
Guests: Dr. Mihai Nadin & Dr. Doug Beason
Will machines of the future be able to accurately predict the outcome of certain situations and adjust their actions accordingly? We’ll discuss anticipatory systems …

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