Regulation feeds corruption.

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How Modern Medicine Abandoned Healing

On American Thought Leaders Hosted by the Epoch Times.
The failures of our COVID response and the “gender-affirming” care model have made a lot of people question science and medicine in the West.
Mihai Nadin argues that science and medicine …

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Anticipation in Africa: A need or an illusion?

The possible future informs the present.
(with Dr. Cristina Stefan)…

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Anticipatory Architecture

Perception-controlled interior architecture, supported by existing “smart” materials (mirror, glass, wrap, sensors), multimedia, blockchain technology, and virtual reality adapt to the user’s/inhabitant’s needs. Applications include living spaces for highly mobile professionals (neo-nomads), nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospital rooms.…

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The Adaptive Car

Functions that include anticipatory features can make vehicles safer and prevent accidents, adapting to weather and road conditions. They also “learn” the driver and adapt to his/her driving style and individual characteristics (e.g., age, health) …

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Anticipation 2017

Keynote Address: Why Anticipation?8th to 10th November 2017 the 2nd International Conference on Anticipation Senate House, School of Advanced Study, London

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Anticipation and Change—The Why? Question

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Anticipation and Semiotics: One Cannot Not Interact

Lecture for the Tartu Summer School of Semiotics

Lecture Slides (PDF)

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New Year’s message:

A Bifurcation called 2016…

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A Theory of Change – The Acorn and the Stone

We exist because there is change. How do we account for change while being part of it? How do we account for anticipation as an expression of preparing and adapting to change?
Honorary Fellow Celebration Lecture at Hanse Institute for …

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Olympic qualifying gymnasts tested on AnticipationScope™

Evaluation of anticipatory characteristics for high-performance physical activities began in 2009. Young gymnasts working with Olympic coach Vladimir Liukin and with Dr. James Denito, were tested in the AnticipationScope™ at the University of Texas at Dallas. The proprietary combination of …

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Al-Jazeera Interview on the War on Poverty

In this national interview Dr. Nadin is asked about the war on poverty 50 years after Lyndon B. Johnson’s landmark speech that was given two months after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.…

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Quantifying Anticipation: the AnticipationScope and the Anticipatory Profile.

Fellow Lecture at Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, January 29, 2012…

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Anticipation and Architecture

Good architecture is always anticipatory. This video was conceived for a class in the aesthetics of interactive media.…

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Anticipation and Originality

Mihai Nadin, working with David Hodge and Hi Jin, suggests an understanding of originality that is driven by anticipation.…

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Gauging Children’s Athletic Potential

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Anticipation & Creativity

Video on Anticipation and Creativity…

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Computational Design Video

Video on Computational Design…

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Arki – Inventing the Future

Video depicting an integrated environment for design work based modules.…

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Anticipation & Aesthetic Inspiration

A video on Understanding Inspiration…

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Anticipation dance game: score points against aging

Mind-Body-Soul Rejuvenation through African Dance…

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September 28, 2006, DCTV – Freedom to Read

On September 28, 2006, Mihai Nadin appeared on the Dallas Cable Television (DCTV) show Freedom to Read. The show’s host, Sally Hansen, interviewed Nadin about his work on anticipation and anticipatory systems. Following the interview, he read from his book, …

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What was in the beginning (Word or Image)? What will follow?

(CyberRush and Knowledge Gaps. Babylon in the Third Millennium?) Gmü nder [Design] Gespräche, 28 October 2000

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