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Differenz und Kohärenz.

  • Differenz und Kohärenz.
    Gestaltung und Wahrnehmung elektronisher Medien, von Steffen Klein.
    Heidelberg: Synchron Publishers, 2001. 340 Seiten
  • Difference and Coherence.
    Design and Perception of Digital Media, by Steffen Klein.
    First volume of the series Digital Horizons. The author is a member of the DaimlerChrysler Research Center.
    In German only. see also
    Please note: The book can be ordered through this site or from the publisher:
  • Trust. Das Prinzip Vertrauen im 21. Jahrhundert und darü ber hinaus. >> Website
    Mihai Nadin, Editor; Assistant Editors: Lutz Becker and Thomas Eicher.
    Heidelberg: Synchron. 378 Seiten
  • Die Kunst der Kunst. Metaaesthetik (The Art of Art. Meta-aesthetics) by Mihai Nadin
    (Stuttgart: Belser Verlag, 1990) 274 pages
  • Based on research in aesthetics, art history and theory, semiotics, and logic, the book discusses the self-referential quality of artworks. In order to understand if the verbal language humans use to describe art is appropriate to the condition of artworks, and what role this language has in the world of art, the interpreter of art must operate on categories defined at a meta-level in respect to the object level of art production as such.

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