Anticipation lies at the foundation of the human being's entire cognitive activity.

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Toward a Neural Network Theory of Emotional Influences on Creativity

Together with Daniel S. Levine (UNT)

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Al-Jazeera Interview on the War on Poverty

In this national interview Dr. Nadin is ...

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The Intractable and the Undecidable—Computation and Anticipatory Processes

International Journal of Applied Research on Information Technology and Computing, vol.4:3, pp. 4-26, 2013

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Interview with Chris Salcedo

Radio Interview on the Chris Salcedo Show. 12/07/13. 10 Minutes.
MP3 File

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Enslaved by Digital Technology

Interview with Roberto Simanowski in Dichtung Digital: A Journal of art and culture in digital media, No. 43 – 2013-11-16.

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Quantifying Anticipatory Characteristics. The AnticipationScopeTM and the AnticipatoryProfileTM.

Key Note addess at International Workshop on Next Generation Intelligent Medical Decision Support Systems, MedDecSup 2011, Tirgu-Mures

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