If television were the prime cause of illiteracy, then the remedy would be simple: Turn it off.

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The car that “ages” with you.


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L’auto che invecchia con te I desideri esauditi in un clic

Corriere della Sera » Il Club de La Lettura » Articolo » ... Corriere della Sera » Il Club de La Lettura » Articolo » L’auto che invecchia con te I desideri esauditi in un clic

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Semiotics is Fundamental Science

in Knowledge discovery, transfer, and management in the information age / Murray E. Jennex, Editor, IGI Global book series Advances in Knowledge Acquisition, Transfer, and Management, 2014

Posted in Human-Computer Interaction, Mind, Semiotics

G-Complexity, Quantum Computation and Anticipatory Processes

Computer Communication & Collaboration (Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2014)

Posted in Anticipation

Toward a Neural Network Theory of Emotional Influences on Creativity

Together with Daniel S. Levine (UNT)

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Al-Jazeera Interview on the War on Poverty

In this national interview Dr. Nadin is ...

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