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Can Predictive Computation Reach the Level of Anticipatory Computing?

International Journal of Applied Research on Information Technology and Computing, 5 (3), September-December 2014, pp. 171-200.

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Language as a Cognitive Process - Review

Book review of Language as a Cognitive Process by Terry Winograd in Artificial Intelligence 27 (1985), pp. 353-361.

Posted in Mind, Post-Industrial/Post Literate Society, Semiotics

Anticipation – the underlying science of sport. Report on research in progress.

International Journal of General Systems, 44:4, 422-441

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The Internet of Everything—computation past the infancy of computer technology

Presentation at the Wateringhole, January 23, 2015

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A Theory of Change - The Acorn and the Stone

We exist because there is change. How do we account for change while being part of it? How do we account for anticipation as an expression of preparing and adapting to change?
Honorary Fellow Celebration Lecture at Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, September 17, 2014

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Anticipatory Computing

Lecture presented at the University of Bremen, Department of Computer Science, October 2003

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