Current human activity is characterized by qualities that negate those of the Machine Age.


Johns Hopkins University, G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering: ...
  • Johns Hopkins University, G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering: program in Neural Networks and Massive Parallel Computing.
  • Brown University, Computer Science Department: course work in programming languages and computer graphics.
  • Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, West Germany: received post-doctoral degree (Professor Dr. phil. habil.) in Philosophy, Logic, and Theory of Science. Dissertation entitled The Semiotic Foundation of Value Theory.
  • Alumnus of the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies (Post-Modern American Literature).
  • University of Bucharest: Ph.D. in Aesthetics. Dissertation entitled Determinations of Modern Art: Elements of Meta-Aesthetics.
  • University of Bucharest, School of Philosophy: MA (with honors) in Philosophy.
  • Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, School of Electrical Engineering: MS (with honors) in Electronics and Computer Science.

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